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the whales come to this beautiful paradise to spend the winter in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez

The beaches of Cabo San Lucas


Who does not love beaches? Not you, right? The mere utterance of the word "beach" fills your mind with a picture of extensive parcels of sand-land being washed by the vast stretches of blue water with frequent waves, a sun worth basking in, some cold beverages and people in interesting attire involved in more interesting activities. That image surely sets you in a mood of relaxation, serenity and also mischief. The beaches of Los Cabos, being more than 22 in number, provide you with an experience that surpasses the above description.

Whether you want to get involved in some water sports, have a picnic on the sand with your loved ones, take in the air with your romantic partner, go for whale-watching or simple lie down and enjoy the sun, you can do it all here. When it comes to activities, these beaches have plenty to offer including simple swimming, surfing, banana boat riding, paragliding, sailing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, yacht racing on America's Cup Yachts and lot many more you can hardly ever imagine. These beaches are divided into four main groups as per their geographical location in Los Cabos: Cabo San Lucas, The Corridor, San Jose del Cabo and The East Cape. A gist of the beaches of Cabo San Lucas is given below.

Cabo San Lucas includes three very popular beaches, namely, Playa del Amor or the Lover's Beach, Playa Divorcio or the Divorce Beach and Playa El Médano or the Medano Beach.

Lover's Beach, as the name suggests, is perfect for couples who want to have some romantic time together. Situated on the San Lucas Bay, immediately before the Arch of Poseidon, at the edge of the Baja Peninsula, Playa del Amor is partly reclusive with the sea being the only mean of communication. So, in order to get to this place you need to hire a water-cab at the dock and its captain will guide you through El Arco, Sand Falls and Neptune's Fingers all the way to the Lover's Beach.

Divorce Beach is, of course, nothing like what the name literally suggests; the name is used in a bantering sense. It is a vast stretch of white crystal sand situated on Land's End's Pacific side with the Lover's Beach a walking distance away. With dangerously crashing waves and strong currents, this beach definitely goes out of your list if want to swim, but for plain sunbathing, lazing around and picnics, this is a perfect spot.

Medano Beach is truly one of the favorite beaches for those who have a thing for the various kinds of sailing. This beach extends to the San Lucas Bay along the zone of hotels and allows activities with parasailors, watercraft, sea kayaks and catamarans. The beach gives you on rent, these water toys as per your choice at reasonable rates. You can get to this place from the area near Club Cascadas de Baja, close to the harbor entryway at Costa Real Cabo Resort Beach Club. You can also contact the various hotels and restaurants lining this zone to get your trip arranged.